A new generation of ultra clean dry type ultra clean combiblock technology customized by Newamstar for Chestnut Garden

In recent years, the sales volume of soda water increased quickly, since consumers recognized health concepts better than before. Considering global market share of soda water, European countries have highest output with 54.1%; the next is America with 13.2%, but China only with 7.2%. Compared to western countries, market share of soda water in our country is obvious lower, which also means soda water in China has tremendous development potential. Recent years, many companies with their own brands developed soda water products and shared precious opportunity of rapid growth of soda water.

Henan Chestnut Garden Food & Beverage Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004, is located at the foot of Yuntai Mountain, where is a good place to preserve one’s health and is also the world geological park. It is a complex of scientific research, development, production of integrated food enterprise. It has a brand of weak alkaline soda drink, whose water resources is from Yuntai mountain’s deep rock water. Differ from any other products, it is mild, tasty and smoothly flavored, which made It become an exclusive mnemonic symbol of weak alkaline soda water, and fresh and cheerful product experience make customers understand the flavor of “healthy water”.

From unknown to famous brand, the rapid growth of Chestnut Garden should be attributed to Chestnut Garden management team’s effort and dedication. Director Xishan Yang, with background of solider, is not only with resolute and decisive quality , but full of entrepreneurial wisdom and acumen. At the very beginning, consumers can hardly accept the flavor because of sodium bicarbonate in product. But in fact this kind of alkaline products can relieve dyspeptic symptoms and accelerate human body’s metabolism.

With confidence for the product, Chestnut Garden management team, lead by Director Mr. Yang, visited many domestic universities and communicate cooperation issues about re-developing and positioning new soda water. Under the efforts of experts both from universities and R&D team of Chestnut Garden, Chestnut Garden soda water finally succeed and was launched with name of weak alkaline. The product claim is just like his slogan “quench your throat thirst and body thirst”. Since the new weak alkaline soda water has fresh and sweet flavor, it soon opens the market.

As one of the top 3 enterprise of soda water industry in China, Chestnut Garden insists to survive by quality, develop by reputation and guarantee consumers health.

When the demand for the products exceeds the supply, Chestnut Garden’s always insists that quality and quantity are of the same importance. After times of machines investigation and processing discussion, Chestnut Garden chose Newamstar finally. It proves that Newamstar’s concept of keeping product R&D innovation and satisfying customer with the times is totally correct, which also shows customers’ appraisal to Newamstar.

According to the characteristics of water quality of weak alkaline soda water, Newamstar customizes a new generation of ultra clean dry type ultra clean blowing-filling-capping combiblock technology for Chestnut Garden. The production line adopted vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilization technology.

Compared to traditional sterilization method, it greatly saves disinfectant usage, reduces energy consumption and running cost. Chestnut Garden ordered 2 sets of 28,000BPH ultra clean blowing-filling-capping combiblock production line at one time, which is not only recognition for Newamstar’s advanced R&D skills, high-class product and intimate after sales service, but also the motivation and expectation, a kind of responsibility and duty for Newamstar.

Chestnut Garden needs machines start production urgently. Under the situation of such a clear goal, the tough producing time limit and strict requests, Newamstar keeps the idea of “customer first, service first”, invests expert professionals to finish installation and commissioning of two sets of production lines and start production with guaranteed quality and quantity, which strongly guarantees customer’s market supply and receives high appreciation from the customer.

Newamstar and Chestnut integrate resources, work together, initiate the new product category, promote brand upgrade, make “no sugar, no Co2, weak alkaline and light flavor” weak alkaline soda water occupy the high position in such a segment drinking market, and realize high quality development. It is highly believed that with the great help from Newamstar, Chestnut Garden will definitely become the benchmark in the industry while clarifying the fashion, quality, good taste and health, and it will become the modern integrated enterprise for beverages with China’s famous brand products and China’s famous trademark.

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