Application of Newamstar Weighing Filling Technology in Automatic Laundry Detergent Filling System

Generally, when filling daily care products, mechanical valve filling and volumetric filling are common. But mechanical valve flows slow. And for common volumetric type, it can be achieved through piston cylinder or flowmeter. However, due to material’s density, uniformity, and viscosity, it’s hard to adjust material type or volume with piston cylinder, which would lead to an inaccurate filling. If using flowmeter, to products who have bubbles during filling process, it would also lead to an inaccurate filling. What’s more, if dealing with some sensitive daily care products with the traditional filling type, bubbles are easily formed and get out of bottle mouth, leaving the result of inaccurate filling and bottle body pollution.

Today, with better living standards, people hold higher and higher demands for daily care products. For example, when going into any supermarket, there are always various skin care products and cosmetics, detergents, oral products and professional cleaning agents, and new products have been promoted into the market more frequently. With the rapid improvement molding process and related technologies, there are more and more container selections of design, decoration, material, appearance. Also, the demand for filling equipment gets higher.

In 2015, high speed automatic weighing liquid detergent filling production line produced by Newamstar to Nice Group, leader in domestic daily care product, went into smooth production.

Compared with the traditional washing powder, liquid detergent does little harm to hands and cloth, but better soaking effect, thus getting more popular in the market. With its yearly higher market demand, the filling machines are correspondingly required to be more accurate.

Due to its viscosity, when filling liquid detergent with traditional mechanical valve, the speed is slow. And higher capacity means larger machine dimension but lower filling accuracy, respectively contributing to machine investment and operation cost. To solve this problem which has bothered the development of daily care product enterprise, Newamstar researched and developed weighing type filling technology for viscous liquid. By using the latest weighing mode, it can achieve high filling precision and greatly reduce material loss. At the same time, it can set up a variety of formulations, and only need one bottom to change material type or volume. The high automation makes adjustment easy. The new filling valve specially designed for viscous liquid can realize both rapid and slow filling. According to different materials characteristics, it can achieve the fast-slow or slow-fast-slow. In this technology, a pressure control system has been designed, through which filling pressure can be changed, thus adjusting filling speed for different materials. After filling finished, there is no leakage and drawing in valve mouth has no leakage and wire drawing, thus avoiding bottle body pollution.

New technology brings new revolution, and wins more benefits for users. Newamstar’s weighing filling technology, used to be applied into condiment industry, now shines brightly in household industry. It would bring not only benefits to more and more enterprises, but also support and expectation to Made-in-China.

During equipment installation and commissioning on site, Newamstar engineers, in joint hands with Nice personnel, adjust filling parameter according to Nice liquid detergent, finally reaching a perfect filling effect, which meets the requirement of high speed and high precision filling, and spares bottle body and bottle mouth from any pollution. The whole filling process is restful to eyes. This high-speed automatic weighing type liquid detergent filling production line has been highly recognized by Nice Group.

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