Break regional restrictions, and overcome plateau reactions. Mature and exquisite 24,000BPH blowing-filling-capping combiblock from Newamstar has settled down in Nyingchi

Clear blue sky, vast grass land, majestic Himalayas, galloping Yarlung Tsangpo.

This is Tibet, a beautiful home and a pure land. Now please cherish a devout heart, go into the picturesque Tibet, feel its rapid development, and taste the colorful national culture.

A bottle of water, a kind of respect. A bottle of water, a piece of gratitude. In the special day to celebrate the 95th anniversary of foundation of Chinese Communist Party, Tibenying Spring has made the precedent to hand out mineral water in domestic airport for free, so tourists from all over the world, by savoring Tibenying Spring, can experience the purity of Nyingchi, feel the simplicity of Deginese, and fall into love with the unique beauty of Tibenying Spring.

Based on Tibetan featured resource advantage, the development of natural drinking water industry is a path of Tibetan characteristics and a necessary choice to build a moderately prosperous society along with the whole country till 2020. Also, it has been the historical responsibility of Tibetan industry to enable people in the whole country to have access to “Tibetan good water”. As a result, following the tide, Tibet Nyingchi Deji Industry Co., Ltd. came into being in 2012, marching towards the high-end mineral water field and seeking for new economic growth point.

Located in the middle and lower reaches of Yarlung Zangbo River with an annual altitude of 3,100 meters, Nyingchi has long been entitled as “Tibetan Chiangnan”. The vegetation there is rich and the climate is suitable. The well-preserved primeval forest landscape has been the breeding ground for abundant wonders such as the ancient cypress in Tibet, the fir and the living fossil plant tree fern in Himalayas, and hundreds of azalea, which earn it titles of “inartificial museum of nature” and “natural green gene pool”. Under such harmonious and friendly environment, crystal mineral water splashes around and rushes out, moistening the vegetation and nourishing a happy life.

Into the holy water source are luxuriant trees with great vitality. There is not a trail of human life within the five kilometers of the mountain, sparing pollution to the purified land. Only clean spring water flows along the fully sealed pipes into the Deji factory at the food of the mountain, making bottles of “Tibenying Spring”.

Coming from the highest peak Namjagbarwa in the eastern Himalayas, Tibenying Spring is Tibetan rare high-quality natural glacier mineral water, having the features of low sodium, low nitrate, low salinity, low oxygen content, small molecular mass, weak alkaline, high meta silicic acid content, softness. Besides, it contains many natural minerals which are beneficiary to human body, making it suitable for various consumer groups.

Tibenying Spring conveys the feeling through water and gets prosperous with water. And it represents bless from Nyingchi to the whole world.

Protect the water source, use the high-quality equipment, and produce high-end water. Guided by the three-step strategy, the senior team from Deji industry left for Newamstar to inspect mineral water production equipment. Their top choice was the green production line featured by energy saving, low carbon, and environment friendly. Also the special geological environment in Tibet had a higher requirement for the packaging equipment. When the inspection team came to Newamstar as scheduled, they were impressed by the modern research & development base, international first-class management mode, and strong ability in processing & manufacturing, and expressed their heartfelt admiration to Newamstar. Then, they went to inspect Newamstar clients’ factories to observe the equipment operation, and learnt and borrowed the experience which was beneficiary to the development of Deji industry. Based on the absolute recognition to Newamstar, both parties ended the friendly communication with a cooperation agreement on 24,000BPH mineral water combiblock production line.

Plateau climate is characteristic of thin air, low pressure, little oxygen content, low temperature, large temperature difference between day and night. Only overcoming those objective natural factors, can the combiblock equipment give full play to functions and advantages. Research personnel in Newamstar are deliberate to nail down equipment structure, filling method, and bottleneck design. They have given a full consideration to production and transportation of plateau water and kept on improvement, so as to achieve humanized operation and intelligent inspection, while reducing the energy consumption. The whole equipment is safe and stable.

Break regional restrictions, and overcome plateau reactions. Mature and exquisite 24,000BPH blowing-filling-capping combiblock from Newamstar has settled down in Nyingchi. It has genuinely achieved green production and sustainable development by improving packaging sanitary condition, lowering cross pollution, enhancing overall operation efficiency, and reducing comprehensive production cost. Echoed with the snow-covered plateau, dependent upon the sacred water and mountains, Tibenying Spring, the first-class healthy water, bestows customers from the whole world the access to good water.

In the 90th Chengdu Rum in the spring of 2014, the natural mineral water from Deji industry became the new emerging representative brand of China’s high-end drinking water, and gained the popularity among customers and the media. Tibenying Spring, by performing the plateau national custom, has helped Tibetan natural drinking water industry marching forward.

After the stunning appearance in 2014 rum party, Tibenying Spring has also received wide reputation in 2014 cross-strait economic and trade fair. Deji has even promoted the good water through public welfare undertakings. It has sponsored the home court of Jiangsu team in China table tennis super league opening ceremony, and has become the appointed water in 2015 Yangtze river delta outdoor sporting events in Tianmu lake cup, in Sino-Japanese ministerial meeting. It even would be exclusive water to 2030 international symposium on sustainable development agenda. The strategy of Deji has promoted its own development, pushed the local job placement, met customers’ demand for natural green drinks, and even made positive contribution to the improvement of tourist service and overall mating ability in Tibet.

In 2015, Nyingchi has developed into a city from a county, taken full advantages of location, transportation, and resources, and made effective connection to “one belt, and one road” and to economic corridors of Bangladesh, China, India, and Myanmar. The deepened international and domestic economic technological cooperation & competition have made southeast Tibet an important pole to support and pull the rapid development of the whole region.

Fluttering prayer flag, travelling believers, mellow spring, and cheerful laughter. Newamstar blowing-filling-capping combiblock has entered into the holy Tibet and brought joy, prosperity, luck, and happiness. May Tibenying Spring be beloved to customers, and may Tibetan good water go toward the whole world. Bless Deji. Bless Tibet.

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