Dali Group uses Newamstar intelligent warehousing system to improve efficiency

Quanzhou, one of the three central cities in Fujian Province, is the capital of East Asian culture and the origin of the “Maritime Silk Road”.

This is also the location of Dali Group headquarters. Dali Group was founded in 1989 and then it began to expand out the Fujian province. It has now established 18 subsidiary corporations and a total of 30 beverage and food production bases in 16 provinces and regions in China.

Since its establishment, Dali Group has maintained rapid growth. In 2006, it entered into the beverage market with strong power, set up the leading brands in the category of Darley Garden, Hi-Tiger, Heqizheng herbal tea and Doubendou soymilk. The booming beverage industry must owe its prosperity to the trend of rapid growth in this industry, to the Minnan spirit for Dali group who loves to fight and dares to win, and also to the wholehearted support from Newamstar.

As the strategic partner of Dali Group, Newamstar understands the Dali Group’s constantly updated demand for production, for technology and continuous improvement for product quality. Newamstar has been actively providing strong support for Dali Group creating a multi-category beverage package pattern.

So far, Dali Group and Newamstar have established a cooperative foundation for more than ten years and have successfully carried out all-round cooperation including aseptic filling production line, hot filling production line and bottled water filling production line.

At present, the traditional beverage production mode is gradually transforming to an automatic intelligent and information level. In 2014, Newamstar considered its situation and seized the opportunity to take the lead in launching a smart tridimensional warehouse system in the industry, and also had deep discussions with the industry leaders, such as Dali Group, to consult the opinions and needs of its partners. The promotion and application of the smart tridimensional warehouse system not only allows the factory to reduce storage management costs and human resource expense, but also effectively improves space utilization and the intelligent and information level for physical distribution of the factory. As an expert and leader of high-end liquid packaging machinery in China, Newamstar is good at leading the industry trend. Newamstar possesses rich experience in the implementation of turnkey projects. The smart tridimensional warehouse system, developed for the food and beverage industry, can be perfectly connected with the high-speed automatic production lines. It’s also capable to make connections with production information, to collect operational data, to realize the assessment of plant energy consumption, to follow the trace of food safety and to make a full life-cycle management of all aspects come true.

Long-term strategic vision and broad business perspective have urged Dali Group and Newamstar to conclude cooperation on smart tridimensional warehouse system. Dali Group has purchased several sets of roadway type automatic smart tridimensional warehouse and distribution system, one of which is now located inside the Quanzhou factory of Dali Group’s Fujian headquarters.

Today, in a factory area of nearly 2,600 square meters, the smart tridimensional warehouse system with 4,710 storage positions will significantly improve storage efficiency and operational level.

The integrative and intelligent practice of Dali Group in production, storage and operation management, will surely bring new enlightenment and breakthrough to this industry.

Innovation promotes progress of the time and changing trend drives the time forward, which makes the future a certain node of the time. Those who can make innovation and conform to the trend, can perform stably in the future to provide consumers with high-quality life and healthy diet. It is believed that in the new era, with the help of excellent partners including Newamstar, Dali Group will more confidently participate in the future market competition. It will keep on moving forward, accelerate the progress, guarantee quality wholeheartedly and win the whole world with its love.

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