Decade Relationship with Otsuka

Otsuka Pharmaceutical was established in 1964,

with the target of making contribution to human being’s health, focusing on pharmaceuticals for curing diseases and customers’ goods for supporting daily health to research, develop, produce and sell innovative products, which is beneficial for human health. As health affiliated enterprise, Otsuka Pharmaceutical always keeps high ethics, cultivates energetic enterprise culture, seeks for coexist with local society, coordinates with culture, and becomes worldwide value-maker company.

Open the history album and thanks for time’s gift, in June 2005, Otsuka decided to build new plant in Jiangmen, Guangzhou, China to produce Pocari Sweat. Encountered in one fair, Otsuka and Newamstar impressed each other deeply. At the time of building plant, a delegation with 7 experts from Otsuka headquarters investigated Newamstar as supplier in the early stage. After three days carefully inspection, Newamstar initially ranked into Otsuka equipments suppliers.

In July, Otsuka assigned a delegation including experts from field of machinery, microbe and automatic control, etc. to Newamstar for second time of inspection. They comprehensively and carefully demonstrated Newamstar’s products and technical capability and gave high affirmation. Soon after, both sides reached consensus to the cooperation based on 21000BPH ultra-clean (warm temperature) filling production line. In October, at the same year, experts of Otsuka again came to Newamstar to check and accept this production line before delivery. Each property and index successfully passed acceptance, and all of those equipments formally provided for Guangdong Otsuka plant. The first time’s perfect cooperation is strong basis for long-time business relationship between Otsuka and Newamstar.

On 18 October, 2005, Otsuka planned to purchase 4 of 24,000BPH PET aseptic beverage filling production line for Takasaki and Saga plant. After rounds of sufficient and concentrated communication, Newamstar and Otsuka signed the contract for 4 of 24,000BPH PET aseptic filling turnkey projects on 28 October, 2005.

It was the first time for China-made high speed PET aseptic cold filling production line export to developed country, which was also the precedent in China liquid (beverage) packaging machinery industry.

This cooperation marked Newamstar’s PET aseptic filling technology got international approval, indicated Newamstar’s overall technical level made further progress, and generated positive and important influence to China liquid (beverage) packaging machinery industry.

Signing a contract is just a good start. Every Newamstar staff paid high attention to this project. From design, manufacture, test, package and transportation, site installation, commissioning to successful acceptance, Newamstar people’s professional spirit and work attitude subdued Japanese who are famous for conscientiousness. Mr. Ito, product department manager of Otsuka sent a thanksgiving letter and emotionally said that Japan before suspected for China-made equipments’ quality and technical level, but the truth proved that the quality of Newamstar’s equipments was excellent, and the technical level was advanced, and we needed to throw off our airs to learn from you.

Sincere cooperation and respect pull both side closer to each other. After years of effort, Newamstar has become the synonym of latest technology and idea equipment in China liquid (beverage) packaging machinery industry. As the pioneer and founder of China PET bottled aseptic cold filling technology, Newamstar’s PET bottled aseptic cold filling technology has reached world advances level. Newamstar become one of the few suppliers in the world who can provide mature PET aseptic cold filling production line.

With confidence and power to open new world, on 5 June, 2006 Newamstar and Otsuka formally signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement, and then Newamstar became strategic cooperation partner and A level equipment supplier for Otsuka’s global expansion.

In 2007, Otsuka Tianjin first-stage project formally started with 21,000BPH ultra-clean (warm temperature) filling production line.

In 2011, Guangdong Otsuka second-stage project started the prelude with 36,000BPH ultra-clean (warm temperature) filling production line.

In 2014, Tianjin Otsuka second-stage project was successfully put into production with 36,000BPH ultra-clean (warm temperature) filling production line.

In 2014, Taiwan Otsuka signed the contract for project of 36,000BPH ultra-clean (warm temperature) filling production line.

Years of continuous and pleasant cooperation gets both sides’ people closer. Every project’s research and communication is like a party for old friends. We are impressed for Otsuka people’s serious work attitude; they are also satisfied with Newamstar people’s practical attitude. We learn concentration to every detail from them; they also admire our courage to face challenge. In those days, both sides’ people worked till midnight just for modify 0.1℃ temperature difference; they also together to work at site wearing sweated uniform under hot weather. It is the effects spared by Otsuka and Newamstar people to win every success. It is just because numerous of excellent customers like Otsuka to provide trust and support to Newamstar to help Newamstar reach the position of leading enterprise in this industry and create numerous of Chin-first legends.

All the way, we need to appreciate; meanwhile, we must realize the responsibility. Carrying trust from customer, we remind ourselves that we shall promote requirement for product and technology, positively practice the mission of building ideal factory for customer, with the vision of being world-leading liquid packaging solution supplier, to march forward and exceed.

A colorful decade, a splendid decade. The social changes, the market changes, the industry changes, but Newamstar still keeps forward and persist in liquid packaging industry. Looking back to the decade relationship between Newamstar and Otsuka, we believe, in the next ten years, we will cooperate more closely and wonderfully.

About Newamstar:
Newamstar’s expertise in liquid packaging ensures the perfect combination of process design and product-line engineering. With the established process design system of various liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, liquors, condiments, and daily chemical products, we can provide customized turnkey solution for your project considering different packaging forms and specific factory layouts.
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  • Prachi Deshamuk
    4 years ago

    As a leading enterprise in China’s liquid (beverage) packaging machinery industry, Newamstar always takes improving equipment performance as one of the directions to create value for customers.
    Newamstar not only pioneered the seventh generation of aseptic filling technology, but also realized the promotion and application of ozone-free mineral water production technology.

  • Monika Deshmukh
    4 years ago

    Newamstar is the explorer and founder in China on PET bottle Aseptic cold filling technology, working and researching in the Aseptic filing technology field for decades. The Aseptic technology is continuously innovated and improved, as well the VHP and HPV system is developed exclusively by Newamstar on packaging material sterilization topic. A series of the sterilization intensity theoretical figures are collected through the cooperation with Jiangnan University, verifying the microorganism in the laboratory. And such technology has been successfully applied on the non-ozone mineral water Combi production line, Aseptic cold filling and cold filling production line etc. The low concentration (1-3mg/L), low temperature (20-50℃) gaseous H202, achieving the sterilization level ≥5log in a short time.

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