EDEN Group choosed the 24000BPH bottled water combiblock production line, which will be custmised by Newamstar

Ethiopia, located in the northeast of Africa, two-thirds plateau of the national area, with an average altitude of nearly 3,000 meters, is known as the “roof of Africa”. Ethiopia contains rich groundwater resources, known as “East Africa Water Tower”. Nile is known as the mother river in Africa, and is located in northern Ethiopia. Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile. The river flows southeast through the deep valleys, west Qiao Kai mountains, and then folds into the northwest into Sudan, Khartoum and White Nile convergence, and eventually remits to the Mediterranean. There are beautiful lakes, spectacular waterfalls in Ethiopia, and you will not have the dry impression of Africa when it comes to you.

The mountainous mountains of northern Ethiopia, home to the Eden in the hearts of Ethiopian people, are also where the human ancestors “Aldi” and “Lucy” were discovered, and their bones fossil replicas are on display at the Ethiopian National Museum.

Eden in English means a symbol of the beautiful and happy place. Founded in 2005, EDEN Group in Ethiopia is dedicated to providing high quality products to Ethiopian domestic and international markets. In 2012, EDEN entered into the first cooperation with Newamstar and signed a 10000BPH bottled water production line. With the smooth operation of the production line, EDEN bottled water quickly won the favor of local consumers for its excellent product quality. So EDEN bottled water quickly occupied the market of eight states, including ADDIS ABABA.

The water resource comes from Moria Hill, 2760 meters above sea level. Rich rain and the deposition of the landscape turn into the sweet mineral water. EDEN Group makes their own domestic consumers who can drink the water as fresh as the biblical Garden of Eden. On the other hand, every bottle of water sold by EDEN group means that two bills will be spent on afforestation project. EDEN Group deals well with the social and environmental issues in the development process, making it the “green” business of many bottled water plants, attracting the attention and appreciation of consumers.

Due to the more and more EDEN bottled water to be sold in shops, hotels and companies, the continuously rising of market demand, the product began to be in short supply. EDEN Group needed to improve the product supply capacity, to promote the brand to the vast East African plateau. Therefore, at the end of 2014, EDEN Group decided to expand its production capacity. After thorough market research and judgments on future market needs, EDEN Group decided to add a 24,000BPH bottled water production line, which will also provide a guarantee for its position in the market to occupy a favorable position.

EDEN Group and Newamstar had a good basis for cooperation, after full communication of both sides, EDEN Group choosed the 24000BPH bottled water combiblock production line, which will be custmised by Newamstar. At the suggestion and invitation of Newamstar, the professional team of EDEN Group visited several major bottled water enterprises in China and carried out relevant communication to better understand the current advanced packaging technology and efficient on-site management.

Through the joint efforts of EDEN Group and Newamstar, the 24,000BPH blowing-filling-capping combiblock production line successfully completed the installation and commissioning. When the production line was officially put into production and EDEN Group’s management team saw the products on the production line, the cheers and the warm applause echoed in a long time. The two parties shook hands and congratulated each other.

Today, EDEN bottled water is continuously flowing from factories to all the places of Ethiopia. The gift of nature and the sweet taste nourish the good life of the Ethiopian people. We believe that EDEN will be more brilliant tomorrow under the support of Newamstar!

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