GuanFang chose Newamstar to build a 36,000BPH dry method ultra-clean blowing-filling-capping combiblock production line to guarantee the quality and production of “under hawthorn tree”

After thirty years of development, China’s beverage industry has contributed a lot to the development of national economy and the enrichment of people’s material and cultural life. In this period, the major varieties of beverage products have been maturely operated and won a considerable and promising market share. At the same time, some new kinds of beverage products are coming out under such a booming consumption demand, such as hawthorn drinks, which already attracted people’s attention in the beverage market now.

Deep in my memory, it is the hawthorn in syrup cooked by my grandma that most unforgettable in the childhood. And in my middle age, it becomes the “Under The Hawthorn Tree” that I like to drink most. The taste is sour and sweet same as before, improving digestion, but the time flies and we grow old, only leaving the nostalgia and lovesickness.

“Under The Hawthorn Tree” is the beverage produced by Tianjin GuanFang Cola Beverage Co., LTD. As a key enterprise in Tianjin agricultural industrialization managing market, GuanFang has been focusing on hawthorn industry for 30 years, from pioneering in base planting to fresh fruit manufacturing process breakthrough, and to the core competitiveness of ” fresh, thick, non-additive”. GuanFang has always been sticking to “quality insistence” as the fundamental foothold, adhering to presenting consumers with “natural, healthy, nutritious, delicious” products, marching on the journey of developing as a national enterprise with brand independence.

Good ingredients, good taste, great health! With the strength such as fresh fruit planting base, advanced production line, product research and development experience and national sales network, GuanFang “Under the hawthorn tree” wins a great success in the period of market bursting which is an opportunity and a challenge for GuanFang. Faced with the constantly growing market demand, GuanFang decided to devote great efforts to product quality upgradation, making great efforts in equipment selection, and strictly selecting domestic and foreign equipment manufacturers. Since 2012, Newamstar has provided many high-speed blowing-filling-capping combiblock production lines for GuanFang. The excellent performance of stability and efficiency of Newamstar equipment has been already accepted and well accepted by GuanFang. Finally, GuanFang chose Newamstar to build a 36000 bottles/hour dry method ultra-clean blowing-filling-capping production line to guarantee the quality and production of “under hawthorn tree”.

Dry method ultra-clean blowing-filling-capping combiblock adopts dry sterilization for preforms. For the filling environment, it has isolation cabin to strictly control the clean degree and meanwhile it can lower the filling temperature and avoid constant high temperature affecting the taste of the product. Compared with the traditional hot filling line, it can better keep the taste, flavor and other characteristics of the products. By lowering the temperature of ultra-clean filling, the cost of PET packaging materials used in the product are decreased significantly compared with that in the hot filling line. All these are fully in line with the “quality first”, “low-carbon” principles of GuanFang.

It becomes the customer-oriented market nowadays. GuanFang puts forward “made by fresh-fruit”, “over 60% hawthorn fruit pulp content”, “no preservatives” and other brands, hoping to serve every consumer better.

At the same time, with the implementation of the strategy of “GuanFang · quality” in 2018, the first brand-advertising video of GuanFang has been broadcast on CCTV1, which has grandly completed the transformation from a beverage manufacturing enterprise to a solution and service provider with “Big Health” as its core. Guanfang will shoulder the 2 main social responsibilities with one brand. On one hand, GuanFang will help Chinese fruit farmers to be well off through manufacturing industrialization. On the other hand, GuanFang wants to improve the health level of Chinese people by hawthorn beverage, a product with high nutritional value and health effect. GuanFang’s goal is not only to become a strong enterprise, but also to promote hawthorn beverage and other health drinks with Chinese characteristics to the world in the future.

As a strategic partner of GuanFang, Newamstar takes “made in China, made for the world” as its vision and mission, not only aims to promote the healthy development of the national beverage industry, but also to win the market in the international competition. Promoting high quality of Chinese products with originality and ingenuity to the world to bring the mankind a better packing life.

Being responsible and cooperative, Newamstar and GuanFang will work hand in hand to forge ahead in multi-fields in the future to help people live a high-quality life and move towards a better future together.

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