In order to help Wahaha’s new product launch, Newamstar has tailor-made the Water-CSD Integrated Combiblock production line for Wahaha

To prepare for the rainy day, and seize the first opportunity, stabilize the market. Since 2003, Newamstar has set close cooperation with Wahaha in the high-speed pet bottle filling production line, the 5L bottle blowing production line, the 5 gallons water production line ect. Both sides provide healthy drinks for consumers, promote the continuous progress of beverage industry, and also become a reliable industrial working partner, based on a win-win cooperation.

In 2016, the weak economic environment and changes in consumer eating habits have put the beverage industry at a severe test, with the beverage industry slowing sharply compared with other food industries. How can beverage enterprises achieve efficiency, intelligence and multi – function production in the economic new normal environment? How to develop new beverage products, improve the quality, and strive for more market share? These are no longer the development problems that an enterprise needs to solve, but the whole industry needs to face together. As a beverage industry leader, the Wahaha groups, with the original intention, operating carefully, with 30 years of professional perspective and vision, looking forward to the future trend, looking for multiple paths, adhere to intelligent development.

At present, the situation of the market changes constantly, only with the innovative vision and the development of the mentality to deal with, can keep up with the step of the industry; and can be invincible in the fierce competition. For the food and beverage enterprises and packaging solutions suppliers, the market demand for product diversity is more and more strong, and the traditional production line function is single, if the production differentiates other kinds of beverage, it means to add new production line, increase production input.

How to promote new while ensuring quality for reducing costs? Wahaha and Newamstar are cooperated to lead the technological change in the industry, and to start the strategic cooperation of the 48,000BPH blowing multifunctional integrated project.

In order to achieve the production line integrate, Newamstar team sincerely cooperate to overcome the difficult and quickly set up a reasonable solution. Water-CSD integrated model, it has come a breakthrough in many technical problems, really set the leading industrial design and advanced manufacturing technology all in one. The bottle blowing machine adopts servo stretching technology, when replacing the product and bottle type, the equipment debugging is convenient and fast. The filling machine uses the mass flow-meter, adapts to the filling of a variety of products, and the filling accuracy is higher; the production line is equipped with the flow meter type mixer, when producing the CSD products, the mixing of carbon dioxide is more fully packed, directly improving the taste and quality of the products.

With the close cooperation between the two sides, the Yichang Wahaha 48,000BPH water and CSD integrated blowing-filling-capping Combiblock successfully completed the design, equipment manufacturing and installation and commission, and successfully put into operation.

Innovate R&D and collaborate with each other. Wahaha and Newamstar use the wisdom and strength to create a new industry level. If the meeting of G20 Hangzhou brings to the attention and praise of the world, the success of the Wahaha water and CSD integrated blowing-filling-capping Combi-block will bring new attention and impact to the industry, and provide a new production line investment plan for the beverage production enterprise.

Pursuing of unlimited dreams, Newamstar is willing to make progress with Wahaha, contribute to the development of the real economy, and go together with the new journey towards China manufacturing 2025!

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