Newamstar Aseptic Combiblock: Prize-winner of 2018 FBE Innovation Product

During the period of CBB 2018, the ceremony of 2018 the 4th Food and Beverage Equipment and Engineering Summit and Innovation Product Award of the Year is celebrated.

All relevant equipment manufacturers, end customers and expertise in the industry of food production chain were appeared in the ceremony, so as to look for the intelligent development of liquid food production altogether. In the part of FBE Innovation Product Award of the year, the Aseptic Combiblock made by Newamstar is awarded in the area of packaging and filling because of the advanced design idea and the technology advantage.

The Aseptic Combiblock, integrating bottle blowing, packaging containers (preforms and caps) sterilization, filling and capping, has the complete packaging sanitary condition and sterilization process, the aspect status can be guaranteed through the complete isolated section of the whole liquid packaging process.

The perfect packaging solution can be achieved for both high acid product and low acid product, at the same time the quality and nutrition will be kept utmost.

For the recent many years,

Newamstar has been integrating the innovation resources, focusing on the research of key technology, facilitating the breakthrough of the common technology challenges. The industry development in food and beverage manufacturing corporation is driven continuously through the realization of efficiency improvement, soft production and optimization of personnel, with more creative product and technology.

New ear, new journey. Newamstar will keep contributing the innovative idea and advanced technology to global customers with the broad mind and valorous responsibility.

About Newamstar: Newamstar’s expertise in liquid packaging ensures the perfect combination of process design and product-line engineering. With the established process design system of various liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, liquors, condiments, and daily chemical products, we can provide customized turnkey solution for your project considering different packaging forms and specific factory layouts.



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