Newamstar assists Haitian Group in completing the construction of an intelligent filling production line for the 7KG oyster sauce project

With time going and changing, we review, summarize, and foresee Haitian Group. Let us once again share the story of Haitian. Maybe you will find different wonderfulness and perfection that you want.

Haitian Condiment Ltd. in Foshan city is a time-honored brand started from Foshan Sauce Park 300 years ago.

It is nurtured by the fertile land of Chinese cooking culture, sticking to the industry value, traditional technics, reform and opening up and technology innovation. It has won the championship of sale in condiment industry for continuous years and grown to be a scaled and informationized modern enterprise. Haitian Condiment has always committed itself in building “Chinese flavor” product series. Through continuous elaborate making, it has now possessed several main categories like soy sauce, oyster sauce, vinegar, sauce, chicken essence and small volume condiment, etc., altogether more than 200 categories of products, among which Haitian light soy sauce, mushroom dark soy sauce, Haitian oyster oil and Haitian soy paste and other products we are familiar with, have successfully been sold for decades, owning steady market foundation and good consumption praise.

Oyster oil is a traditional condiment from Guangdong province. Its raw material, oyster, is called “milk of the seabed”. It is made from the extracted condensed juice of boiled oyster with added accessories. With delicious flavor and thick smell, it has appropriate viscosity and luster. Most importantly, it has very rich nutrition. With more and more consumers pursuing quality of life, oyster oil has gradually been accepted by household of the nation, becoming one of the necessary condiments in kitchen. Haitian oyster oil occupies the market with its No.1 sales and meets the flavor acquirement of consumers with the best quality. Haitian oyster oil’s birth, promotion and hot sale not only proves that Haitian develops condiment product with various nutrition and more satisfying taste based on developing trend and innovation advantages, but also shows that Haitian Group forges an forms uncopiable competitive advantage to cater to consumers’ flavor.

Haitian’s effort wins itself public praise. Optimized raw material, best process, and high-end quality control are genes of optimized products of Haitian Group. Behind pieces of best quality products, there stands the spirit of Haitian Group’s persistent pursuit in craftsmanship. The excellent quality and deep culture match with Newamstar’s high-end manufacturing style. Hence, a new round of cooperation start based on 7KG oyster oil filling line, and this is the fifth high speed intelligent production line since the cooperation began between the two sides.

As the expert and leader of China high-end liquid (beverage) packaging machinery, with its rich experience in filling line technology research and manufacturing, its superior ability in turnkey solution of intelligent workshop, Newamstar provided technic support and product service to Haitian’s soy sauce, fruit vinegar, benne oil and oyster oil. Newamstar conducted market survey, analyzed consumer needs, and researched high-end products since it began to expand the field to condiment. It has served a lot of famous enterprises like Haitian, Jiajia, Jiusan, Hengshun, Luhua, Donggu…About the filling of glutinous liquid like sauce, oyster oil, Newamstar promotes the untouched weighing filling way, which integrated Newamstar’s core technology, being able to meet the needs of multiple glutinous liquid, solving the problems like imprecise packing weight and low capacity. The weighing way of filling can realize speedy precious filling by plus pressure, which is suitable for industrial production of all kinds of high viscosity liquid. The rotary filling for glutinous liquid has the advantages of high precision, no dripping and no bubble, which meets the requirement of condiment producing enterprises for reducing energy, saving labor, improving production efficiency and guarantying food sanitary and safety.

In the long term, the advantages of Haitian are obvious in market occupying, consumer acceptance, brand influence, etc., which attribute to its rich flavor, various packaging and strict quality control.

As the partner of Haitian, Newamstar sticks to the value of “advanced technology research, first-class project, best customer service” to cooperate with Haitian, helping to form Haitian’s distinguished product scenery, leading the whole industry to a higher level, bringing more consumers to experience the delicious taste and spreading the happiness of food to every household.

Newamstar and Haitian Group would, in joint hands, face up to future market.

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