Newamstar delivers 6,500BPH 1.8 liter PET bottled edible oil weighing and filling production line to COFCO

The daily application of oil has a long history in China. As early in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, people began to use oil for cooking and use different oil in different seasons.

It was not until the Song Dynasty that edible vegetable oils such as sesame oil, soybean oil, vegetable oil and tea oil appeared. Today, there are many types of edible oil in the market, and their quality also differentiates obviously.

As one of the leading brands in the edible oil industry, Fulinmen has always pursued “quality, safety, and happiness” to support the healthy life of people. Based on high-quality products, it performs deep social responsibility and provides consumers with qualified and safety products. In order to meet the company’s strategic development needs, achieve lean production, reduce costs and increase efficiency, Fulinmen planed to increase the automation level of equipment and conducted detailed inspection on Newamstar.

Newamstar has rich experience in the field of edible oil packaging, and it is the earliest to use edible oil weighing and filling technology in China. As early as 2013, Newamstar began to make long-term cooperation with Jiusan Oil Group, one of China’s three major oil companies.

The Fulinmen professional team of COFCO arrived as scheduled to visit Newamstar. The delegation visited the advanced processing equipment, bright and spacious factory building, orderly production workshop, high-precision testing center, advanced microbiology laboratory, well-managed administrative research building, etc, feeling the vitality of the company and the strong impetus of Newamstar employees.

After inspecting the hardware facilities, COFCO and Newamstar communicated in-depth on edible oil filling technology and production line configuration. Newamstar’s detailed technical elaboration and demonstration, perfect manufacturing process exploration, excellent after-sales service support, guarantee the smooth operation of packaging production line all-roundly in the actual production. The confidence and strength of Newamstar left a deep impression on the members of the delegation. In the end, the project cooperation was smoothly completed. Newamnstar provided a 6,500BPH 1.8 liter PET bottled edible oil weighing and filling production line project to Fulinmen.

To ensure the on-site connection of new equipment, Newamstar staff uphold a serious and responsible attitude, repeatedly went to the customer site, carried out on-site research, to ensure that the equipment would not appear the slightest deviation in the convergence. Newamstar staff did this out of their enterprise mission to be responsible for customers, satisfy customers, think for customer, and help customers build the ideal factory. The company cooperated together. It arranged experienced engineers and technicians was arranged for installation and commssioning after the production line was delivered to the customer’s site. The project was put into production on schedule and bottle by bottle edible oil went from the production line to every household.

Bottles of oil enter into thousands of families, and also delivers blessing to households. Fulinmen actively participates in the construction of the country’s oil food safety project. At the same time when it grows bigger and stronger, it never forgets the initial intentions and has contributed a lot in making safe cooking oil. Where there is life, there is blessing from Fulinmen. It is hoped that Fulinmen edible oil will bring happiness to more people and create happier life.

About Newamstar:
Newamstar’s expertise in liquid packaging ensures the perfect combination of process design and product-line engineering. With the established process design system of various liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, liquors, condiments, and daily chemical products, we can provide customized turnkey solution for your project considering different packaging forms and specific factory layouts.
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    The compact monobloc filler rinses, fills and caps products within a small production footprint and saves time during filling and format changeovers.

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