Newamstar delivers High speed combiblock production line to Dome Group

DOME is one well-known water brand in Saudi Arabia.

Thanks to their abundant and high-quality water resource and unique diamond-shape bottle design, DOME wined a lot of fans from local heated competitions and also a series of awards from international markets.

Due to increasing demand of local water market, DOME decided to expand their production capacity and started to investigate main international suppliers. Coincidentally, CHINAPLUS exhibition was hold in Guangzhou at that time and Newamstar showed one high-speed rotary blower there. Many overseas and domestic customers were attracted to see, DOME management team included, too. Through discussing with them, we were informed that their existing filling line was purchased from Europe, however, even under the tag of “Made in Europe”, but the machine performance was really disappointing. After observing Newamstar’s machine design and running during exhibition, DOME believed Newamstar was the supplier they were looking for by their intuition and years of professional experiences.

In order to make customer enhance the knowledge to Newamstar, DOME management team was invited to go to Newamstar and Newamstar’s reference for a visit after CHINAPLUS exhibition.

When they saw that Newamstar’s line running in Newamstar’s customer factory was so stable and high-efficient, they gave a big thumb and believed Made-in-China (at least Newamstar) already could compare with Made-in-Germany.

After that, they visited Newamstar head office in Zhangjiagang City.

Organized 7S management, high-end and advanced machining machines, high-quality products and positive Newamstar staff impressed DOME management team. Finally, DOME and Newamstar signed the contract of one 40000BPH PET bottle water combi line after discussing the line requirements and details.

Now, the line was already approved by DOME, who in return specially sent appreciation letter to acknowledge Newamstar’s high-quality machines and professional team.

Cooperating with DOME, Newamstar opened a new era of serving Saudi Arabia market and also showed Newamstar’s efforts to revitalize the national industry and tried to realize the dream of “Made in China, Made in World”.

By increasing investment in R & D and technology for long time, Newamstar has enhanced the company development foundation and provided strong support for competing with European suppliers in international liquid (beverage) packaging market, contributing to improve international ranking of Made-in-China.

About Newamstar:
Newamstar’s expertise in liquid packaging ensures the perfect combination of process design and product-line engineering. With the established process design system of various liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, liquors, condiments, and daily chemical products, we can provide customized turnkey solution for your project considering different packaging forms and specific factory layouts.
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  • Testymo
    4 years ago

    Attaching importance to product safety and standardizing the maintenance of equipment maintain a good operating condition of the equipment and avoid unnecessary risks. Based on different site conditions and methods, Newamstar provides customized maintenance programs for customers and implement preventive maintenance measures on a regular basis to optimize costs and maintain the sustainable and stable operation of equipment.

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