Newamstar smart factory solutions provide customized services from A to Z for beverage factories

To those requirements of customer, Newamstar developed series of design and launched Smart Factory solution to help customers resolve matters. As a worldwide liquid packaging machinery solution supplier, every year Newamstar will provide and tailor-make over one hundred liquid (beverage) packaging production lines, from water treatment system and pre-treatment system, to blowing and filling system, then to packaging and palletizing system of secondary packaging, till the final intelligent warehousing system. The extraordinary complete line solution, the constantly improving manufacture process, and the smooth and highly efficient function, all these factors ensure that production lines can keep bringing steadily and efficient benefits to customers.

With the level of automation, lean management and intellectualization in production going higher and higher, more and more customers need to know real time working status, quality safety, production efficiency of the production line. They want to trace back historical data of the production line, to ensure that all key points and key data are under control, and meanwhile to monitor if there is any improper waste of energy during production. In this circumstance they may handle this issue and improve in time the production line to realize saving energy consumption. However, when it comes to maintenance, more scientific care and maintenance, few default rate, and less stop time, are also very important to customers.

The smart factory solution of Newamstar can provide an opening platform, compatible with traditional PLC. It will not only collect data and information of Newamstar’s equipment, but also collect information of equipment from different suppliers. The complete production line of equipment will be connected by industrial Ethernet, all of the real-time production data can be registered and stored correctly. Customers can use it in a new production line, and also in an old one after reforming and upgrading the old production line. The integral solution has strong feasibility, it will not necessary to modify existing equipment. Pay-back is fast and efficient, easy to maintain with a shorter period. With the continuous development of information technology, customers can check data of production line in their offices on the computer, or on their IPAD or cellphone at any place of the world.

This solution contains five major smart modules: function monitor, energy management, smart maintenance, report center, real-time OEE. Customers can select according to their actual needs and Newamstar can also develop a tailor-made solution.

The function monitor module is used to monitor real-time data of the production line and monitor status of each single machine. On the monitor screen, user can be aware of important parameters of every equipment, like production speed, production quantity, function status, production parameters, and energy consumption etc. Real-time alarm can also be read on the screen to know each single machine’s function in a fast way, so that the system will be managed centralized and resources can be distributed properly.

Energy management module is used to collect data of energy consumption of all energy media (water, electricity, compressed air, steam, etc.) in the factory. It will present all of the consumptions and provide strong basis to fine management. With the energy consumption screen, user can monitor the real-time energy consumption situation of the complete production line under current batch production or current shift. Also tendency chart of historical data (daily, monthly, annually) can be checked, and users can know easily and clearly recent energy consumption situation and provide data support to the management of the factory to improve energy distribution. Manager can input current electricity price in the system to know the consumption of single machine, so as to provide statistics department an accurate data support.

Smart maintenance module, through presetting pre-maintenance cycle, can remind customers the quantity of parts on single machine, so that enterprise may have a preparation storage before repairing equipment and a reminder of equipment which needs to be repaired to ensure the lifecycle of equipment can be maximized and save unnecessary waste for the enterprise. Maintenance can be classified into daily, weekly, monthly and annually, components maintenance can be set according to actual situation. This design will be more personalized and much easier to operate. Having registered maintenance of every time into data base, for the factories, they can tack back maintenance time and find the reason which causes default of equipment. If it comes to the point of maintenance and the maintenance is not proceeded, the system will remind user by sending alarm. The smart maintenance system can also preset action times of each valve, when the times counts to a limit number, it will remind operators to change quick-wear parts.

Report center module can design table format according to customer’s requirements. The reports can be classified into production data report, alarm report, energy consumption report, maintenance management report, OEE report. Customers can check certain reports according to his position and requirement. He can check the report of the whole production line and also the ones for single machine. The reports can be checked according to time, shift and batch. Different checking way can make it convenient for customers to check and confirm the exact reports. For management personnel, they can open the browser on their computer or cellphone, through remote data transmission, and visit directly reports and data of the internal reports, knowing real-time situation of factory.

Real-time OEE module is made by three small modules of performance indicators, which are utilization rate of equipment, performance utilization rate and percentage of pass. OEE can reflect comprehensive capacity of equipment. By reading and analyzing OEE, user can find out the plateau that limits elevation of utilization rate of the equipment and then will help operators, production managers and maintenance operators to elevate production effiency, gradually reducing factors that affect elevation of OEE. In this module, user can realize comparison among data shifts to motivate personnel of each shift.

On the path to Made-in-China 2025 when smart factory will be promoted constantly, smart manufacture will be upgraded continuously, Newamstar will be leading the trend of the market development, and meet new requirements of customers, elevate informatization level of equipment, and contribute itself to construction and development of packaging industry in China!

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