Newamstar’s Fault Diagnosis Expert System for Beverage Production Line

With the rapid development of the production capacity of beverage packaging production lines and the continuous improvement of automation, the maintenance complexity of production lines is also increasing. This has greatly increased the working strength of personnel in maintaining the production line, especially in the entire packaging production line. At the time of diagnosis, it is not only difficult to diagnose, but also takes a lot of time, and the possibility of misjudgment during diagnosis is even greater. This requires higher skills to the personnel of line operation and maintenance. In addition to have a rich operational and maintenance experience, it requires a wide basic knowledge, fast updating maintenance knowledge, continuous and real-time maintenance data accumulation. At the same time, we should ensure the continuous operation of the beverage packaging production line, it is necessary to accurately grasp the important parameters of the production line equipment, maintain the normal operation of the equipment, prompt the maintenance of the equipment, replace the vulnerable parts, and alert the device of potential malfunctions.

Newamstar’s fault diagnosis expert system tailors for beverage packaging production lines.

It applies modern information technology and implements equipment diagnostics intelligently to realize real-time monitoring and predictive failure maintenance of packaging production line equipment, which can reduce the downtime caused by failure of the packaging production line, improve the efficiency of the packaging production line and the competitiveness of the products, and finally prolong the long-term stable operation time of the production line.

  1. It is beneficial for the equipment manufacturer’s service engineer to free from time and space limitations. Use this system to diagnose faults will improve the efficiency of fault resolution.
  2. Operators can use the fault diagnosis system to perform routine maintenance and diagnostics of the equipment. Engineers with rich experience on the field can devote themselves to high-value research, and can also ease the conflict of shortage of maintenance personnel.
  3. Effectively improve the failure repair rate in time, reduce the downtime of the packaging production line, and bring obvious benefits to the enterprise.

Today’s ultra-high-speed beverage packaging production lines incorporate many mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic and automation controls, with a large number of linkage control, a wide range of detection signals and a huge amount of data logic. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a set of fault diagnosis expert system for high-efficiency continuous beverage packaging production lines, including two parts: online fault remote maintenance system and knowledge base fault analysis system.

  1. Online fault remote maintenance system

The online fault remote maintenance system is a set of remote communication system for equipment of beverage packaging production line between the equipment manufacturing enterprise and the customer enterprise. It can complete remote communication of various PLC, servo and other equipment through the Internet, download online and control on-line monitoring and online diagnosis of the core equipment, realize simultaneous multi-machine diagnosis, data support OPC collection, on-site video collection, and guarantee the packaging production line equipment. Data is transmitted on the Internet in a stable, safe, and efficient manner.

  1. Knowledge base fault analysis system

The knowledge base fault analysis system is based on the data of equipment performance parameters and fault characteristics of the beverage packaging production line. The main structure of the system should include a diagnostic knowledge base, a diagnosis inference engine, inference control language editing, and a database.

The database includes basic data, user data, empirical data, and expert data. The basic data is the basic information database of commonly used equipment and the necessary equipment basic database for remote; the user data is the equipment information library established by the customer company itself, such as the bearing information base and the equipment transmission information base; the empirical data is time-tested and applied in the diagnosis; the expert data is the beverage packaging production line.

Diagnostic knowledge base includes knowledge criteria, experience knowledge, reasoning knowledge and new knowledge, and it has continuous improvement and learning functions.

The fault diagnosis expert system created by Newamstar for the beverage packaging production line not only brings more guarantees for the operation of the customer’s packaging production line, but also promotes the development of the industry’s overall equipment level, and provides strong support for the Newamstar’s products to participate in international competition.

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