OCEAN AQUA, the Pride of Sea Water Desalination in China

On the island, if there is wind and sea water, the pure fresh water is available for human beings.

This is not a plot in science fiction film while it is the fact in the real world.

On 19th May, 2014, the press conference is held in Dafeng, Yancheng city by Jiangsu province government, and the first wind power generation and desalination integrated system is successfully launched for the first time debugging.

Wind and sea water, which are environmental and healthy. The 350ml bottled desalinated water is produced one bottle by one bottle from the latest technology Combiblock, which is the tremendous production line. And the desalination project is world’s first megawatt and non-grid connection wind power demonstration project, and such system makes several generation’s dream a realization that human beings can make the sea water to fresh water.

Sea water desalination is the strategic emerging industry supported by Chinese government. The concept is to use the wind energy to desalt the sea water, and the clean drinking water can be provided to human beings. With this water revolution, the history of bay salt and drinking will be changed after thousands of years. The project itself is full of good economic, social and environmental benefits. Especially, the strategic meaning is obvious under the background that the global energy and the fresh water resource is becoming less and less.

The non-grid connection wind power sea water desalination project is positioned in Dafeng, close to the Yellow Sea, where there is abundant wind and sea water resource, and the whole project is supported and directed by Jiangsu province government. The desalinated water produced by such project will be connected to municipal pipes and the small bottled water for markets repectively.

In April, 2013, the sea water desalination industrial park was developed by municipal party committee, and the Jiangsu Fenghai New Energy Seawater Desalination Development Co., Ltd. is established in Dafeng in the same year.

The traditional sea water desalination is high energy consumption industry, and over 150 countries in the world the heating and power plat is specially built for the energy of desalination project. So, how to solve such problem when the project established in China? How to lower the consumption energy and contribute to the low carbon economy? If the traditional energy is used like the coal, the 2nd pollution will be caused easily.

Therefore, the megawatt non-grid connection wind power sea water desalination project is proposed according to the national “973 project”, to take advantage of the abundant sea water resource in Dafeng. Then, the wind power-sea water desalination-fresh water production mode is developed. The main product would be premium bottled water, which integrates the new energy and sea water desalination industry, and the energy consumption can be reduced. And such project is the precedent in the world arena to use the megawatt wind power, applied in the desalination industry. There is one wind turbine to supply the power for the whole sea water desalination system. And such system will have the positive impact on the fresh water supply in island or remote area.

Marketing research, project survey, project design, bidding and construction, all process should be done carefully due to the importance of this desalination project.

Also when the supplier is to be selected, it should be very carefully for OCEAN AQUA. After the long time and deliberated investigation and comparison, in September 2013, the leading packaging supplier Newamstar is honoured to be the whole project supplier, from the design, manufacturing, installation and commission of one 24000BPH (500ml) filling line. To be the newcomer in the bottled water industry, OCEAN AQUA has little experience in this industry so from the factory design to packing material supplier selection, Newamstar took part in all the procedure, providing the good software and hardware service.

Under the cooperation between OCEAN AQUA and Newamstar, in March 2014, the PET bottle combiblock from Newamstar, which represents the highest level of packaging machinery in China is successfully launched. In the filling area, the salty water from the sea becomes the bottled drinking water which is labeled “OCEAN AQUA”, and then packed and delivered to the market directly.

After the successful running of the filling line, the minister from central government and local municipal government inspect, congrat and praise the excellent project. Leaders from Dafeng government show the sincere appreciation to Newamstar, because of the excellent line performance, because of the exquisite technology and the intimate and timely service.

At present, the production capacity of 1st project for OCEAN AQUA has reached 5,000T. And the desalted water after 3 stages RO has been sent to the inspection and technological research center in Shanghai, as well as the China inspection and quarantine (CIQ) scientific research center. And through these two official organizations, it proves that each parameter in the water has been approved according to the “Bottled/barreled drinking water standard” and “Drinking natural mineral water national standard”. Moreover, the natural subset structure of the desalted water is easier to be digested by human body.

Now, the advertisement of “OCEAN AQUA” bottled water has been broadcast on CCTV, it is more widely known by more and more people.

In September, 2014, the 21st APEC conference for middle and small enterprise ministers was held in Nanjing. To be the only official drinking water, more than 15,000 bottles drinking water were put on the table of APEC conference. The elegant packed bottles and sweet taste water attract the conventioners’ eyes in the meeting, which become one of the new focuses at the conference.

With the straight rising of the popularity of “OCEAN AQUA”, the company again reached the 2nd cooperation with Newamstar in the short time, and another 4,000BPH (4.5L) PET bottled water filling was signed between the two parties.

“OCEAN AQUA” pure water, which advocates the environmental and natural subset concept, the brand concentrates on the quality, and aims to be the most environmental drinking water in China. And to be the supplier for “OCEAN AQUA”, Newamstar will be consistent to provide the best machineries for “OCEAN AQUA” and to contribute its value to “OCEAN AQUA” for the sustainable development in the long term.

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