Pan-Pan group together with Newamstar, as the first one to use aseptic cold filling technology to produce brand new PET bottle lactobacillus product

When it comes to summer season, the competition during the beverage market increased a lot.

The situation compared with tea and juice beverage a few years ago had some difference, lactobacillus beverage came out and became a vibrant advance force.

Pan-Pan group are ready to fight the market and push out the lactobacillus beverage named “zaiyiqi” combined with fashion and healthy.

In recent years, the trend of Product homogeneity during the beverage industry is becoming seriously, if you want to get market share, the unique way is to produce individualization product and update continuously.

For 19 years, from the first product degeneration chips in the industry to the birth of French bread, from the Meini dry cake which combine Chinese and western cuisine essence to nut milk and brown sugar plum original beverage drink. Pan-Pan always focus on manufacturing star product and change the industry structure many times between robust and innovation.

In 2013, Pan-Pan march into beverage industry and build the group’s second largest pillar industry, try their best to shoot the billion sales target, and in the same year, Newamstar together with Pan-Pan and provided 25,000BPH bottle water combiblock production line, 42,000BPH bottle water combiblock production line and 36,000BPH PET bottle vegetable protein drink aseptic cold filling line.

The market changing rapidly, Pan-Pan group seeked the growing demand information of lactobacillus beverage with accurate analysis of the market. The development of lactobacillus beverage is rapid quickly in recent 10 years since 1990s. According to figures, the domestic market scale is more than 400 billion and it is also in rapid growth period now. This kind of beverage is good for the health of all age person and it has huge consumption potential and market space, on the other hand, people pay more and more attention on healthy, so it is an excellent market opportunity. Through careful consideration in 2014, Pan-Pan group together with Newamstar, as the first one to use aseptic cold filling technology to produce brand new PET bottle lactobacillus product.

Help customer to build ideal factory is Newamstar’s mission. Facing customer’s new requirement, Newamstar organized a professional team to do careful meticulous evaluation for the running production line and according the features and production process of lactobacillus product, completed the technical and equipment update. Newamstar combined the ideal from excellent persons to make sure the production line passed the verification once only and producing lactobacillus drinks successfully.

Standing at the top point of the industry, Newamstar with Pan-Pan group create high-level lactobacillus beverage “zaiyiqi”. Adopted the most advanced PET aseptic filling technical, retain the flavor and nutritional value of the product at maximum level. “Zaiyiqi” is rich in 9 kinds of probiotics, not only make the great nutritionally balanced concept on the formula, but also adopt the first recycle PET bottle package for lactobacillus beverage in China, Pan-Pan group showed their health drinks concept in the industry as pioneer.

Right now, more and more industry magnates put attention to the market demand of lactobacillus beverage, this phenomenon push the development of this industry and increase the competition.

Pan-Pan group as the leading company of food beverage industry, choose a different road and lead a new healthy fashion to lactobacillus beverage market and provide more safety, more healthy drinks, to make consumer full of energy and enjoy the life.

Love “Zaiyiqi” then get one for yourself. In the early cooperation, Newamstar treated Pan-Pan group as close partners, provided many Tailor-made production lines and all those production lines are all running very well and stable in every plant. Whatever the changing and development of the beverage market, Newamstar will use our own strength and excellent service to provide protection for Pan-Pan group and try the best to become the trusted optimum partner and will be together forever.

About Newamstar:
Newamstar’s expertise in liquid packaging ensures the perfect combination of process design and product-line engineering. With the established process design system of various liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, liquors, condiments, and daily chemical products, we can provide customized turnkey solution for your project considering different packaging forms and specific factory layouts.
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  • Ashwini Jagtap
    4 years ago

    Compared with traditional aseptic cold filling production line, this production line adopted the COMBI technology in a new generation, integrating blowing part and filling part together. The power consumption, process, space utilization, efficiency and etc. have greatly improved compared with traditional aseptic cold filling line. The air conveyor is removed in this new generation aseptic line with COMBI solution, so completely solve the problems of bottle jam and bottle hitting and greatly improve the efficiency of the production line when produce a variety of types bottle. In the space utilization level, COMBI machine can save one third of the area compared with the traditional equipment. We can imagine that at this moment in the short resources of land, the saved space can be well used. Because of the compact design of COMBI, it recuses the maintenance cost and number of the operators in the production line.

    • Sadhana JagdalePatil
      4 years ago

      Insisting on development of main business, adopting the most familiar technology to produce the most familiar products, Newamstar is dedicating to providing competitive comprehensive solutions for global liquid products and creating maximum value for customers.

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