Practical application of Newamstar PET aseptic filling technology to produce granular coconut beverage

Guangzhou Beqi Beverage Company is a big food and beverage enterprise that combines R&D, manufacture, OEM, sales, and services all together. They hold the production process concept of “Healthy, Nutritious, Green Fashion”, and mainly produce coffee beverage, vegetable protein beverage, fruit vinegar beverage, functional beverage, vegetable beverage and so on.

To ensure 100% flavor and effect and promote elevation of product quality, they adopt aseptic filling technology. Continuous investment in scientific research and the concept of keeping improving make sure that product technology and formula lead the industry development.

With years of experience in beverage production and operation, taking in consideration requirements for the development of the company, the decision-maker has decided to build a new beverage factory in Huizhou with standardization, modernization, and intellectualization. Afterwards, the company has begun the selection of high speed PET aseptic beverage with granule filling line suppliers for new factory.

As a pioneer and founder of PET aseptic cold filling technology in China, Newamstar has provided over 50 aseptic cold filling production lines to global market, most of which are for neutral beverage products. Especially in recent years, the technology of aseptic cold filling technology is growing even faster and witnesses many key technology breakthrough, thus furthering its industrial leadership.

Guangzhou Beiqi has 3 automatic production lines provided by Newamstar, and for years these lines are running stably and smoothly. After several times of evaluation and communication, in November of 2016, the board of directors decided to commit two complete production lines 30000BPH PET beverage with granule aseptic to Newamstar.

As the first company which adopts PET aseptic filling technology to produce coconut beverage with granule, Beiqi has attracted attention of industry and society by advanced production process, healthy and nutritious product concept, unique innovation and marketing strategy, and long-term personnel strategy.

This another cooperation between two companies on one hand shows trust in Newamstar’s ability in R&D and manufacture, on the other hand is also inseparable to “Customer oriented” concept long held by Newamstar.

For years, through institutionalized feedback and maintenance service for customers, communication of development, reminder of product upgrade, Newamstar has been working with all heart and soul. The persistence and effort are finally acknowledged by Beiqi.

Winter leads to spring, and four seasons make a circle. From contract signing and to agreement commitment and delivery, it is also a circle. Actually, meeting is fated and also a circle.

To Beiqi, Newamstar gives his true heart and soul, supports with his warmth and maximum effort. In face of the future, smart manufacture of Newamstar will keep working on the innovation.

We hereby wish that the production of Guangzhou Peiqi goes well and long, and also wish that cooperation between Peiqi and Newamstar goes forever.

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