The complete 24000BPH CSD Combiblock production line will be provided by Newamstar to Sajeeb group, which means the cooperation between the two parties officially started

China and Bangladesh have always been friendly neighbors. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations for over 40 years, bilateral relations have been developing rapidly with frequent exchanges of visits between government leaders and economic and trade cooperation have been up to a higher level.

Especially in recent years, under the guidance of the “One Belt One Road” policy, the relation between China and Bangladesh has become increasingly close, and a large number of cooperation projects are continuously blossoming.

Bangladesh, despite of its small size and current economic volume, has become an important country in South Asia due to its location and population advantages and has been listed as one of the top 10 emerging markets in the world. The market in Bangladesh is active, busy and has a strong development momentum. Newamstar has always attached great importance to the Bangladesh market and has been adapting to changes in the market, constantly adjusting, upgrading and improving relevant policies to help more Bangladeshi customers achieve good and rapid development.

The Sajeeb Group of Bangladesh has established more than ten branches since its establishment about 30 years ago, covering different fields such as food, beverage, agricultural products, real estate and insurance. The persistence for product quality over the years has not only strengthened Sajeeb’s local market position in Bangladesh, but also helped the company export its products to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, United States, Europe and other parts of the world.

As one of the few suppliers in the world that can provide complete liquid packaging solutions from water treatment to bottle blowing and filling production lines and intelligent warehouse system, Newamstar greatly impressed its customers with technological innovation capability, whole plant engineering experience, manufacturing operation level and equipment life cycle service. Knowing a person by reputation is not as good as seeing him in the flesh, the first meeting of the two parties was at the Dhaka headquarters in 2014, and it still remains in my memory clearly.

The Sajeeb Group is headquartered in the old town of Dhaka. On the day we met, it was very congested. In order to arrive at the meeting on time, we “abandoned the car” and walked to the destination. We, as foreigners, hurried on in the crowds in such humid and hot weather, attracting much of the local’s attention. Finally, after dozens minutes of walking, we arrived at the destination and started the meeting on time. The customer’s technical team, responsible for this project, has been working in the beverage industry for more than ten years. They have rich experience as well as strict requirements. In the meeting, they came up with many technical details. In the technical and production discussion, we both gained a lot. Every communication from the first meeting to the following has deepened the mutual trust between us. Both sides have more and more common language and higher recognition.

The market and the consumptive habit are changing. In order to better meet the growing demand for carbonated beverages in the local market, Sajeeb Group planed to add a CSD combiblock production line. After many rounds of negotiations, Newamstar and Sajeeb signed a contract in Dhaka. The complete 24,000BPH CSD production line will be provided by Newamstar to Sajeeb group, which means the cooperation between the two parties officially started.

Newamstar senior leaders put the cooperation with Sajeeb Group the first priority of the company.After the contract was signed, Newamstar had lost no time to appoint the technical director as the project representative. The representative is responsible for technical consultation, whole plant design, process flow, system integration, engineering installation, personnel training, until the project is successfully delivered, including after-sales support. Hard work pays off, since the production line was delivered to customer’s site, it has been running stably at full speed of 24000BPH. The high-quality products and thoughtful service provided by Newamstar have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers!

Human beings are great because of their diversified thoughts, because of culture meriting from each other, human beings are becoming prosperous because of the common features in the destiny. Under the framework of the “One Belt One Road” policy, the cooperation between China and Bangladesh, between Newamstar and Sajeeb, will surely be deepened and widened in the future.

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