The customized 30,000BPH combi line can produce not only PET bottled drinking water but also CSD beverages

With the trend of changes in beverage market being faster.

A multi-function compatible production line has become the choice for beverage manufacturers. Since 2015, Newamstar has started the cooporation with Wahaha about the equipment which can be used for both CSD beverage and drinking water, and successfully provided one 48000BPH combiblock production line for Wahaha Yichang plant. The production line has been running smoothly until today, which is highly praised and appreaciated by Wahaha group. Last year, Wahaha placed the second order for one 30000BPH production line, which was installed in its Lhasa plant in Januray 2020, and already started mass production now.

Under the altitude of 3600m, Wahaha Lhasa plant is in a plateau environment with dry climate, hypoxia, and low air pressure. From machine design to manufacturing, transportation to installation, Newamstar has made rigorous verification for each step.

As is known to all, there are many precision parts in the production line, which are quite senstive to environment temperature, humidity and air pressure. During the manufacturing process, Newamstar technical team has fully considered the special ecological environment at high altitudes in Tibet, and has repeatedly checked and carefully demonstrated every step to meet the requirement of plateau configuration.

After the successful test running in Newamstar plant, all the equipment were delivered to Wahaha plant. However, some transportation problems occurred. Approaching the Chinese New Year, highways entering Tibet were strictly limited for the traffic flow, especially for large freight vehicles. The oversized equipment also brought some difficulties to the transportation. Newamstar considered all the tranportation details and took cold and frost protection measures in advance, and carried out relevant approval procedures, finally delivered the production line to Wahaha Lhasa plant within about half month.

During the line installation and commissioning process, the climate of the plateau was really a big challenge for both physical strength and spirit of the installation team. Approaching the Spring Festival, there was not much time left before mass production. Newamstar project team overcame the altitude sickness and worked against the clock, finished the line installation and commissioning and started production. The hardworking spirit and meticulous attitude of Newamstar team got unanimously recognition and appreciation from both Wahaha Lhasa plant and the headquarter.

Newamstar has tailor-made one 48,000BPH Combi production line for Wahaha, which is the first high-speed combi line for both drinking water and CSD product in domestic beverage packaging industry.

The customized 30,000BPH combiblock production line can produce not only PET bottled drinking water but also CSD beverages. It has strong product compatibility and can realize fast switching from different products. The filling machine features with non-contact mass flowmeter type filling valve, which can realize high filling accuracy, efficient and stable performance, as well as guarantee product hygiene.

At Newamstar, product quality and an advanced level of performance are important drivers for the company’s innovations.

This project promoted the Plateau high-quality economic development on the one hand and deepened the cooperation between Newamstar and Wahaha group on the other hand. On the journey of turning from mechanical “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”, Newamstar will constantly go forward with Wahaha for the bright future.


  • Ruby Daniels
    3 years ago

    In the fast-paced beverage market, safety, accuracy, flexibility and sustainability are of utmost importance.

    • Ashwini Mhatre
      3 years ago


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