The Promotion of Newamstar’s 1st Intelligent Manufacturing Model Project

In the situation of development of the industry slowing down and the pressure of the economy enhancing, the promotion of intelligent beverage production line and the establishment of modernized supply links is undergoing a booming burst to push the transition and the upgrading of the industry, also for the purpose of strengthening the after-impact on the evolution, and top of all, meeting urgent needs of liquid manufacturing enterprises.

Standing at the leading edge of the aim in developing intelligent, personalized, and environmental friendly packaging machineries, Newamstar is conquering all barriers and striving persistently to provide top-ranking technologies and services for global liquid production enterprises. After the successful cooperation with Darley Enterprise in exploring high-efficient energy conservative and digitalized workshop for PET bottled liquid aseptic milk production, recently, Newamstar is developing jointly, with Wuxi Two Spring in Mineral Water Co. Ltd., the first intelligent manufacturing demonstrating project, which is also China’s first whole factory designing package of “ozone free technologized and aseptic filling” 24,000BPH (500ml) natural mineral water production line.

The project will combine intelligent packaging technologies and stereoscopic warehouse technologies together to give flexible resolutions to the whole set of production, packaging, conveying, inventory and transportation, and at the mean time, to ensure high quality and full services.

Newamstar designs the whole processing series in analyzing and building factory layouts, bottle shapes, matched capacity, energy analysis, projection management, efficiency budgeting, customer service contents etc., for Wuxi Two Spring in Mineral Water Co. Ltd., in reference of its differential requirement in the production environment, crafts of products, methods of packaging, and transportation, and also for the ultimate goal of creating a designed resolution program for the projection of intelligent production line, to guarantee the condition, security and reliability of the products during processing and transportation. Through the dynamic integration of Internet with digitalize production line and intelligent stereoscopic, the design would be capable of remote control and monitoring, diagnosis of faults, performance parameter recording, and pre-alert. The whole system will realize network controlling, and flexible automatic switch for various producing requirement. And it will be able to reduce the management costs, improving operating benefit and ensure the safety of the beverage, by optimizing a reasonable logistic system.

By the operation of the project, the ability of creating local-made key intelligent components, devices and systematic independence, will be dramatically boosted, same with the ability of forming the intelligent manufacturing standards, utilizing industrial Internet service platform, full integrative contracted services, bettering production efficiency and usage of resources, reduction of labor and management costs, and shortening the period of return on investment. It’s all aiming to perfectly carry out Newamstar’s philosophy, which is to build customers’ ideal factories, and also at the same time, to support the changes of the structure of this industry, lead fashion of the market and make an essential force to participate the international competition.

Wait for the gracefulness and guard for the freshness. In the vast space of mineral water, the “two springs” owns its unique enchantment. Now the project is entering the sprinting stage. There’re only few days left to see the appearance of the 1st bottle of ozone free mineral water of “Two Springs”. Let’s just hole our anxious expectations, wait and see.

About Newamstar:
Newamstar’s expertise in liquid packaging ensures the perfect combination of process design and product-line engineering. With the established process design system of various liquid packaging fields such as beverages, dairy products, liquors, condiments, and daily chemical products, we can provide customized turnkey solution for your project considering different packaging forms and specific factory layouts.
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  • Anjali Patel
    4 years ago

    From one field to five fields, from domestic leader to international frontier, Newamstar spares no effects to provide new innovated products for customers and contributes new chapter to the industry.

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