Yake Company cooperated with Newamstar to complete the fully automatic 6,000BPH 4.5L large bottle mineral water combiblock production line project in Changbai Mountain

Yake (China) Company Limited was founded in 1993, locating in Jinjiang, Fujian province, the most vigorous economic triple in the west coastal area.

“Sweaty makes harmony, creation changes life”. As the head company in candy industry, after long-year preparation, Yake officially entered the mineral water area at the beginning of 2016, brought the fresh, healthy, and energetic first cup of water to customers.

With the most humanizing idea, most fashionable design and perfect line shaping, combining with the “GMA”, Yake supports the marketing in whole effect, broadcasting the band in all domains, making the strongest band of Yake, and affecting the competitive pattern of mineral water.

An hour in the morning is worth two in the evening, so does the first cup of water in the morning. Drinking a cup of water in the earlier morning is not only a supplement of the water, but also the rare micro-elements one needs, which is very good for the human health.

Yake Company built the Changbai spring water with the theme” first cup of water in the morning”, and brought health to everyone.

Chen Tianjing, the CEO of Yake, said “consumption has been upgraded to an unstoppable trend. The customers prefer the products healthier and more natural; the age of mineral water has come.” Yake Changbai spring water is produced by the wholly owned subsidiary. The totally investment is 1 billion Yuan and it can produce 900 thousand tons of high quality mineral water per year.

The water source of Yake Changbai is located in the “home of Chinese mineral”- Antu county of Changbai mountain, one of the three water original resources. With abundant mineral substance and sweet taste, it’s better to drink the water in the morning, making the customers enjoy their beautiful life as well as health and happiness, waking up the sleepy body, bringing a delight mood to the whole day.

Yake Company decided to build a factory in Changbai mountain in 2014, when starts the selection of the equipment supplier. After repeated study of the equipment suppliers at home and abroad, Yake finally choose Newamstar to make a fully automatic blowing-filling-capping combiblock production line of mineral water tailored, which could produce 6000 bottles per hour. Choosing Newamstar as associate is a high recognition to their strong R&D and manufacturing factory, their excellent quality of the production and their perfect service system.

Newamstar, an expert and leader of the high-end liquid packaging machinery, has been committed to technological innovation, following the marketing needs, guiding the development of industry. Blowing-filling-capping combi-block , one of their best production already have gained the recognition of many famous companies at home and abroad, such as Coca Cola, NESTLE, Wahaha, C’estbon , GANTEN, Huiyuan, Dongpeng.

With the coming of the age healthy in China, Newamstar helped Yake Group with their development in mineral area, showing the best of quality & safe and low consumption & high efficiency on the production of Changbai spring water and gaining the trust of more and more customers. This time we cooperate to make the 4.5L large bottle water, which is more fit to the direction of household water use.

“Always think before walk” is the entrepreneurial spirit of Yake Group, it has pursued for a long time the wisdom of the long development, also the goal of Yake run the band of Changbai spring water. Yake Changbai spring water, with six major intellectual property protection, not only from the naming of the brand to the design of the label, but from the bottle appearance to the auxiliary element design, carry out the special idea of first cup of water in the morning.

With the union of brands, and the continuance of creation, the special Yake Changbai spring water exudes a unique charm, attracting method for thousands of customers. In the future, with the help of Newsmatar, Yake Changbai spring water will firmly go in the way of their own, the way of healthy, the way to success.

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